Time and Cost Calculator

You can calculate time and cost of part production on your next project.

How to use Part Production Calculator


Parts Needed – How many parts you need to make.

Defect Rate (%) – The percent of parts that need to be scrapped.

Parts Per Cycle – The number of parts made in a machine’s cycle.

Cycle Time (SEC) – The amount of seconds required for a machine to complete it’s cycle.

Machine Uptime (%) – The average percent of time that a machine is up during production.

# of Machines – How many machines can run this part simultaneously.

Operating Hours – how many hours do your machines run per day.


Make – How many parts you should plan to make with consideration to parts needed and defect rate.

Hours to Run – The hours it will require to make each part.

Hours Down – The hours lost while the machine is down.

Total Hours – Hours to Run and Hours down together.

Total Days – Day version of Total Hours

Parts per Hour – How many parts you can make in one hour.

How to use Labor Cost Calculator


Total Hours – You can input this manually, or use the production calculator and it will be automatically added here.

Labor Rate ($/hr) – How much you pay an operator.

# of Operators – how many operators are working?


The total cost is output.